Explainer videos can be incredibly diverse! They communicate complex content in a simple and understandable way. The goal of an explaining video is always: to make complex content understandable, to create added value for the target group and thus to convince in the long term!

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Diakonie – Pitch Videos

Diakonie An Sieg und Rhein – Pitch Videos Diakonie An Sieg und Rhein – Pitch Videos Our task was to help the Diakonie(a German, evangelical, welfare organization) convince their target audience to financially support their project. The project aims to provide people in need with easier access to flexible and personalized support. Developing the infrastructure…
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Berlin – Masterplan Solarcity

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Presentation video Solarcity Berlin Monitoring report on the master plan Berlin wants to become climate-neutral as quickly as possible, and the use of solar energy plays a crucial role in this. In March 2020, the Berlin Senate therefore decided to implement the Solarcity Master Plan – an ambitious plan with 27 measures to accelerate solar…
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DIGA App Product Video

Oviva Direkt App – E-health Product Video for DiGA A health app simply explained Oviva’s first Digital Health Application (DiGA) is scheduled for launch in the fall of 2021. Oviva Direkt is a digital therapy for the treatment of obesity, which can be prescribed within the framework of statutory health insurance and prescribed by doctors.…

Explainer – local development cooperation

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Engagement Global – Local Development Cooperation Animation for One World With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, the United Nations has presented a roadmap for globally sustainable development. Goal 11 places direct responsibility on local communities – because it is at the local level that the global goals must be implemented. In…
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Mantau Group App Explainer

Mantau – Teamwork for Organisations The group principle in the app Wherever groups come together to make a difference, there is a need for well-functioning communication and smart organization. With mantau we create what gives every organization a good and secure future: Cohesion and a healthy commitment. Together with the team of mantau and yousign,…
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EMnify – Cloud Native Internet of Things – Cloud Native Explainer EMnify offers a management and cloud service that provides a secure and functional way to offer custom IOT services. EMnify helps to connect, manage and control IoT devices and services internationally. The cloud connectivity services are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and…
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GASAG – Living in the Energy Quarter

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GASAG – Living in the Energy Quarter Cinematic Animation GASAG AG is a major energy supplier in Berlin. Over the next few months, it will move to the new energy quarter on the EUREF campus. To enable all employees and managers to get in the mood for the new environment and the new work, a…
Plunet Presentation film statement portfolio

Plunet Presentation Video

Plunet – Presentation Video Statement and Animation in one clip Plunet GmbH is a translation management tool that is aimed at Language Service Providers (LSP). So the target orientation was B2B and the video should be used on the own website and at special events. The target group therefore has a certain interest in the…
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WHU – Explainer

WHU – School of Management Explainer WHU is one of the most renowned business schools in Germany and also enjoys a high international reputation. In the video, the university talks to their students and gives them valuable tips for their internship. Together with the wonderful motion design studio Herzblut & Bock we were able to…
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Hubspot – CRM

Hubspot – What is CRM? Explainer HubSpot is a company that provides software solutions and services for inbound marketing. Its tools help with social media marketing, web analytics and customer relationship management. The latter is exactly what this Explainer is about. To answer the question “What is a CRM?” (Link) HubSpot has created a dedicated page.…