WIRO – Logo Animations

3 Different Logo Animations

We have created the animations for WIRO, a housing company from Rostock. Together with Ohse Design we designed 3 little sceneries. Various scenes for the areas of construction, service and hiring should be created. In the end, of course, they should transform into the logo.

The 3D animations are all in an hand-drawn style with pencil outlines and watercolor. The different motifs always required different contents, such as people, nature, architecture and traffic.


Client: WIRO GmbH, Ohse Design

Production: jojomoto

Design & Animation: Marcel Vockrodt

Tests & Screenshots

In advance, we tried  to visualize all movements and tracking shots with minimal effort, so that the amount of work for the sophisticated drawn style remains manageable. A multitude of layers and masks had to be exported for later reassembly in After Effects.

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