WHU – School of Management


WHU is one of the most renowned business schools in Germany and also enjoys a high international reputation. In the video, the university talks to their students and gives them valuable tips for their internship.

Together with the wonderful motion design studio Herzblut & Bock we were able to create this colorful and detailed Explainer. Jasmin Lang from the Mainz creative agency leaded the production management and developed the concept as well as the first Styleframes. Based on this, we illustrated all the assets and then set them in motion. We think, it was a brilliant cooperation project with a great result.

Intro and Outro come from WHU;)


Client: WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

Production:  Herzblut & Bock, Jojomoto

Concept & Script: Jasmin Lang

Design: Jasmin Lang, Marcel Vockrodt

Animation: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus, Gina Stephen

Music: Patrick Tartaglini


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The WHU Student P can’t decide between two job offers. Should he sign a new contract and cancel the old one? The Career Center of the university offers help.

Character und Kommunikationselemente an einem Pfad
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Design & Animation

Again, we took the trouble to do all the camera movements and transitions between the scenes. The character movements have also improved a bit. We recorded ourselves to have a reference video for difficult movements and translated it into the character animation. In the official cut version we follow the character through the video. The GIFs on the side show a little taste of the hidden features of the movie;).

IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet – Bundle UP