Plunet – Presentation Video

Statement and Animation in one clip

Plunet GmbH is a translation management tool that is aimed at Language Service Providers (LSP). So the target orientation was B2B and the video should be used on the own website and at special events. The target group therefore has a certain interest in the topic, so we could assume a little more staying power. To explain a quite complex tool, of course very helpful.

Plunet wanted to have a video with a high authenticity. For this purpose, an interview or statement would be the perfect solution. But to surprise visually and to be able to tell a frame story, we decided to use real animation parts. This way we can visualize problems, show solutions and reduce the tool to the essential. With the statements we get the personal and competent address.


Client: Plunet GmbH

Production:  Jojomoto

Concept & Script: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

Design: Marcel Vockrodt, Sabrina Fenske

Animation: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

Music: Vincent Tone – We are next

Voice: Sofia



Sofia tells you about the problems a project manager has to deal with. We establish a yellow dot as LSP right from the start and show him the way from a stressful everyday life to a simple workflow for projects. The employee Sofia shows us how the tool works and how we can easily assign tasks and coordinate our project via drag&drop. The point accompanies her the whole time.

Design, Filming & Animation

The design of the film is 100% in the world of Plunet. Many gradients and the basic colour mood fit perfectly for integration on the website. With the dot-animation we chose an abstract form, which corresponds exactly to what was said. This way the imagination is stimulated and yet a story is transmitted in an understandable way. The interface elements are also presented in a very reduced form and thus fit perfectly into the rest of the film. The result is a presentation film that fits Plunet visually and in content exactly.

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