NOERR – Screencast for an Online Tool

A guide for a new online tool

With the Contractor Compliance Check, companies can check the use of external staff more easily than ever before, initiate ordering processes and contract conclusions without complications, and protect their managing directors and board members from liability.

Together with Studio Zucker from Frankfurt, we created this easy-looking walk through of the tool.



PRODUCTION:  Creative Zucker Studio

CONCEPT & SCRIPT: Catrin Farrenschon, Kim Venus

DESIGN: Marcel Vockrodt

ANIMATION: Marcel Vockrodt

MUSIC: Waiting for Sunrise – Gyom

SOUND: Kim Venus



The company is the focus here and we show here the modern problems of companies that want to use external staff. Immediately afterwards, we show the simple solution with the “Contractor Compliance Check” and guide through the online tool in a screencast.


The start of the film is very much in Noerr’s CI and the content is told with abstract lines and surfaces. We have tried to offer the eye an interesting line with clever changes of perspective and in doing so we switched from 2D and 3D.


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