Moonfare – Your access to Private Equity


Moonfare provides a secure, fully digital end-to-end investment process that enables interested and qualified investors to register, confirm their identification, view fund documents, apply for grants and sign investment documents in less than 15 minutes.

With a lot of passion produced screencast, we show you exactly this way. In addition to an intro and outro in a 3D world with financial elements, we tried to reduce the screens to the essentials and still provide an authentic picture.


Client: Moonfare GmbH

Production:  Jojomoto

Concept & Script: Marcel Vockrodt

Design: Marcel Vockrodt

Animation: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

Music: Oliver Lyu – Successful Journey

Voice: Tania Higgins



A screencast doesn’t necessarily live from the story. Comprehensibility is much more important. But also here we tried to captivate the viewer by choosing an interesting introduction and a seamless transition into the screencast.

Moonfare Brainstorming

Design & Animation

The intro is immersed in an abstract financial world. Charts and diagrams emerge as we focus on the top of the chart, which flies up and down until we are in the moonfare world. It is kept in a noble and elegant form to underline the exclusivity. We also put a lot of work into the screencast because we didn’t just want to show the interface, but let the eye focus on the important points. So we had to leave some things out and rearrange them without losing the overall impression. By making a few excursions into the 3D perspective, we wanted to create an additional visual incentive to keep the screencast varied and exciting.

First Styleframes

Plunet Presentation Video