Hubspot – What is CRM?


HubSpot is a company that provides software solutions and services for inbound marketing. Its tools help with social media marketing, web analytics and customer relationship management. The latter is exactly what this Explainer is about.

To answer the question “What is a CRM?” (LinkHubSpot has created a dedicated page. Our video should fit perfectly into the framing. So the corporate identity had to be represented 100%. Our contact Constance had great ideas from the beginning on which we could build on. In the final video, character John shows us how a CRM system can help his company grow.


Client: HubSpot GmbH

Production: jojomoto

Concept & Script: Constance Starcky, Marcel Vockrodt

Design & AnimationMarcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

Music: Gentle Fire Studio – Life under the sun

Voice: Marianne Graffam DE, Virginie Demians FR


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Basically, explaining a customer relationship management system is not that difficult. Nevertheless, we first had to read up on the subject. To be honest: we didn’t have a clue! But after a great briefing we could sit down at the first style frames and sketch a story. What seemed to be complex at the beginning was easy to understand.

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Character on Line
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Design & Animation

What is really harmonious at HubSpot is the CI! The choice of colours combined with slight gradients works simply. So it was easy for us to find striking contrasts without making compromises.

The facial expression of the character, tumbleweed, what hops through the landscape, an airplane, what glides through the clouds. To make an animation come to life out of countless small details is probably one of the most beautiful things a motion designer can do.

First Styleframes

Explainer HubSpot CRM cover photo, character in front of office
Explainer HubSpot CRM cover photo, email automatisation
Explainer HubSpot CRM cover photo, character interface desk
HubSpot – Social Media Clips
Campaign Video Echt Kuh-l!