Finetech Pico 2 – Realistic 3D Product Film

Show a highly variable device with all its possibilities

Finetech is the leading machine builder for precision die bonding. The systems are used in research laboratories as well as in industrial production.

Together with various Finetech employees, we not only created an accurate image of the device, but also worked out the main advantages for the target group and summarized them in a stringent film.


CLIENT: Finetech

PRODUCTION:  Jojomoto, Kim Venus

CONCEPT & SCRIPT: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

DESIGN: Marcel Vockrodt

ANIMATION: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

MUSIC: Highway Music – Science and Technology



The introduction begins with a short journey. We start in nature with small creatures that accomplish great things and move on to humans, who also create great innovations with small things. This is the common thread, because the protagonist also specializes in working precisely in the smallest of spaces. In the main part, we show the possibilities and end with serial mass production, which is also possible with the Pico 2.
Pico 2 and Femto blu


We had the device shown to us in detail in the real lab and looked at it closely ourselves in order to be able to represent it as real as possible as a moving 3D object. In addition, we visualized the highlights with holo-glass effects and also used many glass materials in abstract representations.