EMnify – Cloud Native

Internet of Things – Cloud Native Explainer

EMnify offers a management and cloud service that provides a secure and functional way to offer custom IOT services. EMnify helps to connect, manage and control IoT devices and services internationally. The cloud connectivity services are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaaS).

EMnify asked us to produce an explaining film that describes the platform in a short and precise way. Aspects such as security, accessibility and ease of use are in focus. The video will not only be used on landing pages or social media, but also to inform visitors and support presentations.


Client: Emnify GmbH

Production:  Jojomoto

Concept & Script: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

Design: Marcel Vockrodt

Animation: Marcel Vockrodt

Music: Rex Banner – Holograms

Voice: Alex D’Attoma


EMnify SIM Card

Story, Design & Animation

The story of the film follows the structure of an explainer: problem, explanation, solution. The most important information is communicated in just 90 seconds.
The design is completely in the world of EMnify. The strong bright orange stands out well next to the neutral grey tones and is complemented by secondary colours. The graphic elements are simplified but clearly recognizable. This allows us to depict processes well and illustrate different aspects and scenarios.


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