E-Health Innovation

With medudoc, physicians can create personalized educational videos to fully educate their patients about their procedure. Developed with physicians and using digital technology, they have been proven to improve patient understanding of their medical procedure.

Together with the great content team at medudoc, we create digital patient education videos on different medical areas. The initial task was to develop a style and video language that is personable, informative and reassuring about the upcoming medical procedure. In the further course, the main focus is on a consistent further development of the videos.


CLIENT: Medudoc AG


CONCEPT:  Medudoc AG

DESIGN: Marcel Vockrodt, Sabrina Fenkse

ANIMATION: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus, Bettina Gericke



For digital patient education videos in e-health, difficult and serious information must be conveyed for the patient:in. It is therefore important to prepare the patient for the procedure in an understandable and empathetic way. The videos should help to alleviate fears through education and answer many questions in advance.


The style development took quite a bit of time, because in the medical field we have micro and macro layers, scenic displays and infographics. Here we had to create a consistent and understandable look that works equally well in 2D and 3D.

Corporate Video Project
Explainer – local development cooperation