Diakonie An Sieg und Rhein – Pitch Videos

Diakonie An Sieg und Rhein – Pitch Videos

Our task was to help the Diakonie(a German, evangelical, welfare organization) convince their target audience to financially support their project. The project aims to provide people in need with easier access to flexible and personalized support.

Developing the infrastructure and procedures within welfare organisations for the project to succeed takes time and resources. We created 3 animated videos to help the Diakonie pitch their project strategy to potential investors. Each video was used at a different stage of the pitch and provides a specific insight.


CLIENT: Diakonie An Sieg und Rhein


CONCEPT & SCRIPT: Kim Venus, SabrinaFenske

DESIGN: Sabrina Fenske

ANIMATION:Michelle Acosta, Marcel Vockrodt, Mia Senkowski, Melanie van Bernum

SOUND: Paul Niederfriniger

VOICE: Ryan Wiechert


Pitch Video Storyboard


The videos are meant to build the target audience’s trust and also get them excited to support the project.

Video 1 – The core idea:
What would it look like if the process of getting help actually made people’s lives easier instead of harder?

Video 2 – Transparency:
How will the Diakonie establish better procedures for counselling and supporting people?

Video 3 – Invite action: 
What do I need to know if I want to invest in the project’s development?

Pitch Video Character Group
Energy Landscapes – 3D presentation video