Corporate Video Project

Combination of 2D & 3D

This film is designed to show how a company can present itself. How different areas can be presented creatively and appealingly and thus carry away to the end.

For this project it was crucial for us to combine 3D worlds and 2D sceneries fluently. To do this, we primarily combined abstract shapes with many characters.


CLIENT: Jojomoto


CONCEPT & SCRIPT: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

DESIGN: Marcel Vockrodt

ANIMATION: Marcel Vockrodt

MUSIC: Rex Babber – Holograms



The basic theme is “Journey” and is intended to show viewers the different areas of the company. The corporate video deliberately wants to appeal to all types of professions and to people from all over the world who are as versatile as possible. Thus, we have also created not one protagonist, but very many characters who act in the most diverse spaces.


The film had to show a lot of aspects, some very abstract, others concrete. In addition, for a corporate video, the people of the company were of course a central element. So to avoid flying from scene to scene in too much detail and clutter, we built an abstract 3D world with different platforms/spaces and everything in a tidy and discreet color and shape scheme. A lot was represented via cuboids and tiles and accentuated Jojomoto colors were used.


DIGA App Product Video
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