Explainer Cooking App

KptnCook is a mobile app that inspires cooking in an innovative way. For the startup, we animated a video that explains the app and also works great as an advertisement.

Together with the design team of KptnCook, we developed a concept that takes up the corporate identity and philosophy of KptnCook and translates it into an animation with illustrative and narrative character. Dramaturgy, form language and timing form the core of the video and become one unit.


Client: KptnCook Corp.

Direction: jojomoto, KptnCook

Production: jojomoto

Concept & Script: Marcel Vockrodt, Eva Hoefer, Lene König

Design & AnimationMarcel Vockrodt

Music: Brightside Studio – Clap Tap

Voice: Sophia Bachmann (German)



The storyboarding was very important for the dramaturgy of the Explainer video. After the first rough sketches on simple sticky notes, we were able to work out important details that would become important for the story. Cutting the animatic from the finished storyboard images finally gave us the certainty that the storyline would work as planned and we could start the production.

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mockup character
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Design & Animation

After the briefing, it was clear that we were going to create a very bold and colourful flat design style, without textures and gradients. The colour management was a challenge, as we always had to focus the viewer’s attention on what was essential in the image, despite the saturated CI colours of KptnCook.

The animation phase for the Explainer video was incredibly exciting. For the first time we created the complete 2D scenery in a 3D room. This was the only way we could place the dynamic camera movement and the resulting parallax effect over the whole animation.

First Styleframes

first styleframes guy waiting for train light mood
first styleframe guy in kitchen
first styleframe guy waiting for train dark mood
Campaign Video Echt Kuh-l!