The Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

Explainer Institute

For the 50th anniversary of the Institute for Employment Research, we have designed an Explainer which illustrates the way the institution works and the three pillars of IAB: data, research and advice in an easily understandable and witty way. The explanatory video was produced by our good partner camera medica under the direction of Dr. Martin Berg.


Client:  Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Direction: Martin Berg

Production: Camera Medica

Concept & Script: Martin Berg, Kim Venus, Marcel Vockrodt

Design: Marcel Vockrodt

Animation: Kim Venus, Marcel Vockrodt

Music: Oh So Happy – Gentle Fire Studio

Voice: Gill Chevallier


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The idea was to design a separate planet for each part of IAB – i.e. data collection, research and consultancy – which would then show their function in the close-up in detail. The difficulty lay in making abstract processes, such as the processing of the data, easy to understand and illustrated with tangible metaphors.

Scribbles IAB Storyboard
scene IAB research
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Design & Animation

In the illustrations of the planets we could finally play around. Something between steampunk and star wars… of course without losing focus on the essential. In order for the viewer to keep the overview, it was important that we didn’t drift too much into a scenic presentation of the actions.

The animation of flat design graphics is of course almost part of our daily business. Nevertheless, we really put our shoulder to the wheel again and tried to create new effects and put little jokes into the details. The integration of 3D elements into the scenery also fits better and better and secretly enhances the animation.

First Styleframes

Styleframe urban landscape
Styleframe scientists
Styleframe scientists and politicians
Finetech 3D Product Video