Music Video

“Glühwürmchen” is a music video for the track of the same name by Jan Roth from the album “L.O.W.”. The clip was created as a two-semester project in Marcel’s student days and has attracted a lot of attention in the meantime. The task in the course was the conception, design and production of a music video.

The 3D animation underlines the atmospheric and slightly driving mood of Jan Roth’s piano piece. With regard to the title of the track, an idea for a simple storyline and its character was quickly given.


Client: Sinnbus,

Production: jojomoto

Design & Animation: Marcel Vockrodt

Music: Jan Roth – Glühwürmchen, Album L.O.W.


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Moodboard & Styleframes

Our first priority was to support the atmosphere and feeling of the music in the best possible way. It should not be a pure 2D or 3D animation, but to mix both worlds together. The sharp-edged lowpoly-3D elements and the rough geometric shapes were to have the same effect on the viewer as the organic textures, idiosyncratic pencil strokes and an atmospheric lighting mood. After the first – for us very promising – styleframes and moodboards we could hardly wait to finally enter the production phase.

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Phew, some scenes have become a lot more complex than expected. However, this didn’t take away from the fun in the production. The generous use of particle simulations and mograph elements added a lot of suspense to every picture in its movement. Through the selected use of light with the sharp contrasts created by the Sketch & Toon lines, every shot became something very special. After the pure 3D animation in Cinema4d, the full potential of the shots came to life in After Effects.

Finetech 3D Product Video