GASAG – Living in the Energy Quarter

Cinematic Animation

GASAG AG is a major energy supplier in Berlin. Over the next few months, it will move to the new energy quarter on the EUREF campus. To enable all employees and managers to get in the mood for the new environment and the new work, a film should be produced that arouses curiosity, eliminates prejudices and simply makes people want the new location.

We planned and produced the very atmospheric and cinematic animation together with the agency Gretchen. After we had worked out the basic orientation together with the client, we developed all the steps from the script to the animatic to the final playout in a tight schedule. The film should show the technical and creative refinements of the new working environment and give a high recognition value in terms of room layout and furnishings. Above all, however, it should be a positive flair!


Client: GASAG AG

Production:  Agentur Gretchen

Concept & Script: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus

Design: Marcel Vockrodt

Animation: Marcel Vockrodt, Kim Venus, Gina Stephan

Music: Yan Perchuk – Clear Lake

Voice: Alexander Senf



We are accompanying Sophie – a young Gasag employee – on her working day in the Energy Quarter. While she prepares for a meeting with her colleague Frank, we get to know the different room offers. ThinkTanks, the home area, the covered loggia or the work café. The new technical refinements of the Energy Quarter also fit in with history.

Charakter Mood

Design & Animation

It was important to immediately put the audience in a positive mood and to present all room offers as attractive and open as possible. We immediately rejected a disreputable architecture film in high gloss optics. We needed life, air and attention to detail. So we always made sure that every picture was flooded with light and that a few plants brought nature into the rooms. The multitude of characters brings the rooms to life and so everyone does something different and tells their own little story.

First Styleframes

Plunet Presentation Video