Charlotte – House rules

Explainer Series

The Charlotte is a building cooperative from Berlin Charlottenburg. It has been active for over 110 years and has well over 7,000 apartments in many districts of Berlin.

As part of the modernisation of its corporate identity, the building cooperative commissioned us to design a new concept for the house rules. Here it was important to highlight the sympathetic character of the “Charlotte” and address a broad target group of all ages. A creative framework, lively animations and above all humour work best! The teaser clip shows a short introduction of the characters and the life of the Burg family.


Client: Charlottenburger Baugenossenschaft eG

Production: Jojomoto

Concept & Script: Kim Venus

DesignMarcel Vockrodt, Gina Stephan

Animation: Marcel Vockrodt, Gina Stephan

Voice: Marianne Graffam


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Little Charlotte is a real superheroine. With her faithful companion, the talking turtle Charlie, she has many adventures. Of course, there is a lot to discover around their new apartment of the Charlottenburger Baugenossenschaft. The sympathetic secondary characters, such as the parents Sylwia and Ralf or the caretaker Luigi, provide the necessary motives to build the stories.

Charlotte Character Auswahl in einer Reihe
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Breakdown einer 3D Szene
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Design & Animation

Since it would be important to present perspectively correct, spatial situations, we had decided to design the scenes in 3D. At the same time, we wanted to create a sympathetic and handmade look, which impresses by chalk, pastel and watercolor textures. Bringing both worlds together harmoniously was a constant challenge. However, the results show it works great. This has even created its own visual style.

As a model for the residential building of the Burg family, we used a real project of the Charlottenburger Baugenossenschaft. For longtime sympathizers and insiders of the “Charlotte”, there are more details to discover.


The teaser is a brief introduction to the characters of the story and also introduces the framework story. Our prelude to the explainer film series.

Correct heating and ventilation

The second film is a real explainer film: how do we heat properly and when do we actually have to ventilate? In this film Charlie tries to dissuade Ralf from his refrigerator tactics.

First Styleframes

erster Styleframe, Familie Berg
Famile Burg steht im Wohnzimmer
Hand mit Smartphone
IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet – Bundle UP
Protected: Happy Thinking People – Electric Mobility Study