Echt Kuh-l! – Nationwide School Competition

Campaign Video

“Echt kuh-l!” is the nationwide school competition of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). Pupils in grades 3 to 10 of all school types can participate. “Echt kuh-l!” is basically dealing with the topic of organic farming and issues related to sustainable agriculture and nutrition. The competition highlights a different topic every year.

A new campaign video was to be produced so that pupils and teachers could find out all the important information in a short time and also get the desire to take part in the competition. Together with the PR agency m&p, we worked on the concept and thought about how we could transform the new corporate design and important information into an exciting and appealing clip.


Client: Bundesministerium für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung

Production:  m&p public relations

Concept & Script: Kim Venus, Marcel Vockrodt

Design: Marcel Vockrodt

Animation: Gina Stephan, Marcel Vockrodt

Music: Pavel Yudin – Rainbow after rain

Sound: Kim Venus

Voice: Isaak Dentler



In order not to “overwhelm” the audience with facts and information about the competition, we thought up interesting questions and added the visual level imaginatively. Thus we implicitly gave the starting signal to deal with the topic “organic farming”. So the cornerstone for the competition. The campaign video shows in the next chapter what there is to win and why you should take part. For the last chapter we have added a kind of paper chase to guide the viewer through the competition.

Design & Animation

The new CD of “Echt kuh-l!” provides a colourful mix of styles: Cut-out, isometrics, polygon objects, bold colors and strong gradients. For the campaign video, we had to consider which elements would also work for the film and which would be better left out. The recognition effect should of course be guaranteed. The isometrics are difficult to realize because of the different camera movements and the gradients would have probably also been very hard on the viewer, so we focused mainly on the colors, the sharp-edged illustrations and the cut-out style. It’s still colorful and lively, but still suitable for the very young target group.

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