Presentation video Solarcity Berlin

Monitoring report on the master plan

Berlin wants to become climate-neutral as quickly as possible, and the use of solar energy plays a crucial role in this. In March 2020, the Berlin Senate therefore decided to implement the Solarcity Master Plan – an ambitious plan with 27 measures to accelerate solar expansion in Berlin. The participating administrations, associations and companies have now been working intensively on the implementation for a good year and a half.

For this film, which appeals to a broad public, we sat for a long time on the red line and tried to authentically illustrate Berlin in the design concept.


CLIENT: Senatsverwaltung Berlin für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe


CONCEPT & SCRIPT: Theresa Schwierske, Kim Venus

DESIGN: Marcel Vockrodt, Sabrina Fenske

ANIMATION: Marcel Vockrodt, Melanie v. Bernum, Michelle Acosta, Kim Venus

MUSIC: Robert Meunier – Close by you



The story shows us how climate change is also affecting Berlin and quickly shows the path that has been worked out towards a climate-neutral city. In the process, we look at various situations and learn about the means by which the solar turnaround is to happen.


We went for an intense mix of colors and textures for this scene-heavy film. It should look handmade and not “perfect”, berlin-authentic. We couldn’t disregard the first film (not by us), but we should and wanted to develop the look further. The many characters were a challenge, especially in combination with the textures.


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