Video Campaign

Several small videos are sometimes more effective than single large ones. We take a close look at you and your previous appearance and develop a strategy. The newly created videos will also be analyzed. So we constantly optimize your campaign.

The Process

Video Kampagne Analyse

1) Analyze

  • We’ll get to know you. What makes you unique. What is your company purpose.
  • What is your Buyer Persona and what is the Customer Journey. The target group can thus be coordinated exactly.
  • What do your goals analyze and what role do the videos play.
Video Kampagne Strategie

2) Strategy

  • We select the right channels for the right target group.
  • In order to find the correct approach, we look for the type of video content that is best suited.
  • Together, we develop a workflow that you can integrate smoothly.
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3) Production

  • Together with marketing, design and concept we create a unique campaign.
  • Videos are created for the relevant channels
  • Agile project planning consolidates processes and reduces costs.
Video Kampagne Online und Analyse white

4) Run & Analyze

  • Through protyping we see if the videos really work.
  • The performance of the campaign is constantly monitored.
  • In the iterartive process, we never regard ongoing campaigns as completed.

With videos to more audience

For a company to get not only Likes, but also fans, it must surprise and inspire. The content should offer added value and radiate competence. And it should be natural and sympathetic. That’s a lot and videos are an excellent way to convey sustainable messages in the short scrolling time. The better the videos are tailored to the target group and channels, the greater the success.

Video Content Posibilities

Text & Photo Animation

  • Suitable for any platform and for all formats – whether blog, feed or stories
  • look dynamic and modern
  • fast to produce
  • suitable for all types of companies
Explainer Benefits
Jojomoto Illustration Produkt


  • Suitable especially for slightly longer 16:9 formats and thus for Blog, Facebook and of course Youtube
  • Short explaining clips with strong entry
  • Possible in all possible styles
  • simple and efficient way to build empathy


  • Suitable for all formats on all platforms
  • Insights into an interface
  • reduced to the essentials
  • ideal for all software solutions
Jojomoto Illustration Interface 1
Jojomoto Illustration Presentation

Interview & Statement

  • Suitable for all formats on all platforms
  • Insights into an interface
  • reduced to the essentials
  • ideal for all software solutions

Let’s see how we can help you to achieve more sustainable reach!

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