Web interface and mobile app play an enormously important role in practically all companies and institutions. It is important that the user always finds his way or that he immediately recognizes and understands the benefits of the service. A screencast takes up the important elements and focuses on the essentials. Either as an independent clip or integrated into an explanatory film/Ad.


  • On your own website as Cluster Content or on Landingpages
  • For all social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, etc.
  • As product presentation in the B2B area or in customer contact
Jojomoto Illustration Interface 2
Explainer Content Illustration


  • A screencast is incredibly variable and versatile
  • Shows or simplifies detailed complicated processes
  • Learning effect and brand messages can be combined wonderfully


  • Processes are illustrated with fluid animation between screens and elements
  • 3D effects enhance elements enormously
  • Story elements for emotional attachment to the product
Jojomoto Illustration ISS


Movies in which a screencast appears!

App Explainer meal snapshot

DIGA App Product Video

bdrive explainer title

bdrive explainer

Moonfare Screencast intro abstract

Moonfare Screencast

mantau kitchen

Mantau Group App Explainer

From Tutorial to Screencast

  • • Reduce to the essentials
  • • Clearly display the process
  • • Increase learning effect
  • • Do not overstrain the user
  • • Elegant visualization of elements in 3D
  • • Website looks very high quality
  • • Plastic visualization of the process
  • • Making user interaction a living experience

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