Presentation Film

All films shown on a presentation are of course presentation films. But that doesn’t mean that every film is suitable for a presentation. Sometimes it has to work without sound (for example at the exhibition stand), texts have to be readable even in the last row, the timing has to adapt to the audience. A perfectly coordinated presentation film is ideal for captivating visitors and spectators.


  • The perfect location is the exhibition. As an eye-catcher and visitor magnet, a presentation video is great
  • At symposia, conferences or even presentations, they can be used as an introduction, break or summary
  • At events, smaller sequences can be used at touchpoints to create multimedia experiences
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  • A presentation film raises attention and optimally conveys knowledge, information and emotion
  • Through leading graphics and a coherent layout in the presentation, a 100% overall picture is presented
  • Summarizing and providing an overview of complex products or processes


  • 2D Infographics
  • Motion Graphics with Story Elements
  • 3D animations in small loops or as product presentation in 360° view
  • Text Animations
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Choose your suitable format

  • • Professional performance
  • • Eyecatcher
  • • Optimal conveyance of messages
  • • Structures and increases attention
  • • Sharing information better
  • • Creating highlights
  • • Increase attention
  • • Communicating expertise

Let’s present the film!
Together we look for the right solution.

The Progress

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Consulting & Concept

We’ll take a close look at your plans. 
We get a picture of you, understand your target group and discuss the goals you want to achieve. Whether remote or on site. So we have everything for a concrete offer and schedule.
First we search in the team for the perfect idea. Based on your first ideas and information we brainstorm in the team for the perfect idea. If we are enthusiastic about it, we try to inspire you! And when we’ve done that, we’ll create a visual script with your content, quasi transforming the idea into a script.

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Design & Animation

The optical impression is important and must fit to you and your product. We create individually tailored designs for you. At the end there will be an animatic, all pictures, speakers and music. So you know exactly how the film works before we start with the animation.
Through years of experience and a lot of love for details, we bring the pictures to life. In this way we guide the viewer through the story and convey the core message.

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Now the film can bring its power to bear. If you wish, we can help you develop the right environment and strategy with our experienced marketing specialists.

So what always is included