Interviews and Statements

In order to offer your customers additional value and avoid agonizing them with long texts, an authentic interview or statement is perfect. Here you can present content in an appealing and above all understandable way. Combined with animations, the content is visually supported and structured.
Show your expertise with an interview or statement and give your company a personal face!


  • For setting up channels such as Youtube
  • On all types of websites: wherever authenticity and expertise are to be built up
  • Blog contributions are strongly revalued by video content
  • As an eLearning element for the sympathetic transfer of knowledge
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  • Costs and effort are manageable
  • It communicates specialist knowledge and creates conviction
  • The statement or interview gives the company a face
  • By integrating graphics and animations, the contents can be clarified and enhanced


  • Statements are recorded as a direct address, usually in front of a corresponding setting or studio.
  • Interviews seem extremely authentic because they convey a certain spontaneity. Thus the setting is freely selectable
  • Especially statements and moderations in the studio are suitable for the integration of animations in order to convey knowledge even better
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What we offer

Mobile Studio

There is not always the possibility to come to our studio or it doesn’t have to be the big studio. A mobile setting is best for on-site use or smaller projects.

Large Video Studio

We have a fully equipped studio in-house which can be rented at a reasonable price. It is big enough that we can also record several interview partners and talk rounds.

Professional Team

In our career we have recorded several interviews and statements and can fall back on a Germany-wide network.


We have all film and sound equipment available in house. This is important so that we can rely on the equipment and are flexible in terms of time.


Not everyone is already a full professional in front of the camera. And to be honest, we are glad that we are mostly behind the camera. But don’t worry – the whole thing can also be fun. With our experience, we can show you exactly how to cut a good figure in front of the camera! Depending on how secure you feel: directly before the shoot or on a separate day including a test shoot.

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You want to show your customers that you are an expert in your field, authentic and likeable? Don’t you want to invest a lot of money and quickly build a channel?

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