Explainer videos can be incredibly diverse! They communicate complex content in a simple and understandable way. The goal of an explaining video is always: to make complex content understandable, to create added value for the target group and thus to convince in the long term!


  • On Landing Pages and Pillar Pages as a strong introduction
  • On social media platforms for more reach
  • As an eLearning element for knowledge transfer – whether internal or external
  • At events for more attention and more effective communication of messages
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  • Explain complex content in an understandable way
  • Surprise and inspire with a story
  • Tie up with a story
  • Offer the viewer added value
  • Communicating competence and building trust
  • Increase reach through higher visibility and relevance
  • Set yourself apart from the competition


  • Abstract graphics are particularly suitable for complex situations
  • Characters and scenes can make situations come alive
  • Animated infographics provide a perfect overview
  • Web interfaces can be rebuilt and thus bring certain elements into focus
  • By combining the contents, different focal points can be achieved
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Explainer can be so different.

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The Process

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Consulting & Concept

We’ll take a close look at your plans. 
We get a picture of you, understand your target group and discuss the goals you want to achieve. Whether remote or on site. So we have everything for a concrete offer and schedule.
First we search in the team for the perfect idea. Based on your first ideas and information we brainstorm in the team for the perfect idea. If we are enthusiastic about it, we try to inspire you! And when we’ve done that, we’ll create a visual script with your content, quasi transforming the idea into a script.

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Design & Animation

The optical impression is important and must fit to you and your product. We create individually tailored designs for you. At the end there will be an animatic, all pictures, speakers and music. So you know exactly how the film works before we start with the animation.
Through years of experience and a lot of love for details, we bring the pictures to life. In this way we guide the viewer through the story and convey the core message.

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Now the film can bring its power to bear. If you wish, we can help you develop the right environment and strategy with our experienced marketing specialists.

So what always is included

All right, let’s go!

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